Something really special happened to us today when we decided to take the boys toMiss Kitty's Saloon for brunch.


Candy Milfy Goldsmith,

I recently organised to go on a double date with some good friends. Our friends didn’t mind where we ate, but I particularly wanted to try out a cool new restaurant in Perth, therefore I was in charge of booking a restaurant. Unfortunately it completely slipped my mind until two days beforehand! Oops! (more…)

Karen Cheng,

When you walk into Miss Kitty’s Saloon in Inglewood the first things that strikes you is the amazingly eclectic array of mismatched furniture and objet (not quite) d’art that are scattered throughout. Lounge chairs, old televisions, car seats, vinyl bars, and an incredible 1960’s hippy era round white couch – it’s hard to describe but the picture is below. (more…)

Food and Wine Ombudsman,