Something really special happened to us today when we decided to take the boys toMiss Kitty's Saloon for brunch.

New dining experiences can be tricky with Tristan as he still has quite a restricted diet. Sometimes even a garnish is enough for him to get upset and not eat a meal.
I asked Michael (who took our order) about the item that Tristan wanted to eat (chicken and waffles) and I mentioned that Tristan had autism. This is something that we have learned to do in order to reduce the chance of things falling apart....There's nothing quite like ordering pancakes from a berry farm and asking them to hold the sauce but not realising that there were berries inside the pancakes.....or ordering icecream but not realising that there would be sprinkles on it etc....and so, the process of detailing how a meal is presented is just something that we have learned to do.

......and here's the special part

Michael's facial expression did not change, his tone and his body language didn't either...he detailed exactly how the dish was presented and was perfectly happy to make the adjustments to the presentation that I asked for. I watched him as he walked over to the kitchen and started talking to the chef and detailing how to present the meal.
You might say what is so special about that?

In the 8 years since Tristan's diagnosis we have had a lot of times where we have needed a little or a lot of consideration regarding his individual needs...and the majority of people handle it amazingly well, but even with people who handle it well there is always an air of difference in their tone, a little hesitation... something that you can feel... It's hard to describe
Michael didn't hesitate, not even for a second. He saw Tristan as Tristan and that is truly special.

Thank you Michael and Miss Kitties for showing us true acceptance and understanding.

(Tristan LOVED his waffles)

Candy Milfy Goldsmith,